The keyword for modern industry, in every of its many different fields, is one: automation. Automation to be more precise, give better performances, and most of all be faster – especially in moving products along assembly lines. Our metal conveyor belts – which we can manufacture not just in iron (simple or zinc-plated) and stainless or carbon steel, but in any possible metal upon request – are available in round, half-round, and square section wire, to allow for very uniform surfaces where needed, they allow for air ventilation, are easy to clean and sterilize, and resist extreme thermal and mechanical conditions like no other material ever could. For example, only a reinforced-edge conveyor belt can endure the exteme temperatures typical of thermal surface treatments in the metalworking sector without suffering warps or losses in performance; and in the field of metal smallware, where not even the tiniest piece must roll off the belt and end up lost, only a sidewalled conveyor belt can easily transport even the smallest articles at high production speeds.

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