Wire Mesh For Protection And Shelving

Production of wire meshes for the realization of protection screens and the assembly of shelves

Among the most important functions of wire meshes, there is for sure that they act as a screen to prevent access to a dangerous zone, or also to support and isolate a heavy element to prevent it from falling or shifting. The strength of these particular types of wire meshes makes them ideal also for the realization of shelves for the most robust metallic shelving, that have to support particularly high weights.

The specifications of high-strength wire meshes

The robustness, of a wire mesh, depends on two concomitant factors: the material and the structure of the mesh. Concerning the first one, according to the effective needs of the application, it is possible to opt for galvanized steel (also electrolytically) or stainless steel. Instead, the type of mesh is strictly addicted to the specific case and the application that the wire mesh will fill.

The protection wire meshes

The protection wire meshes are used in different areas:

  • Are used to realize safety panels for machinery, where are used rigid and electro-welded mesh panels, with a very close mesh or even anti-finger mesh for a maximum level of protection from moving parts.
  • Are used to implement windows protection, where it is possible to choose a more open mesh that allows visibility.
  • Are used in the building industry, placed under the ceilings to prevent the fall of rubble, or also – realized in stainless steel- as support for the motorway tunnels or also as armour for the rubble structures.
  • Are used as rockfall mesh, in the mountain, in order to prevent the fall of boulders on the areas below, function in which are preferred double torsion mesh to ensure the maximum strength.
  • Are exploited to the completion of various types of metal carpentry.

Wire meshes for shelving

The particular robustness of the rigid electro-welded meshes makes them also the ideal construction element to realize metal shelving able to withstand very high weight, lying at the same time a greater lightness compared to solid metal shelves. As well as the horizontal parts of the shelf, are used wire meshes also for an anti-fall function, in order to protect the sides and the bottom of the shelf itself and to prevent accidental falls of the stored material.

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