Waste Disposal Industry

In waste disposal, especially where different materials must be separated, conveyor belts must sport two characteristics to actually grant an improvement in processing speed; on one hand, they must be easy to clean (since waste traces cannot be allowed to remain stuck in the mesh, where they would rot and fester) and on the other they must have a very tight mesh, so that no waste falls through. Tight-meshed stainless steel conveyor belts usually prove the perfect choice for such applications.This makes them ideal for application in the waste disposal industry, where they can be of great aid in simplifying and optimizing everyday work.

Do you need three pieces of calendered wire mesh, cut to measure? A welded-edge curving bronze conveyor belt?
Here at Larioreti, your request becomes reality – both if you know exactly what you need, and if you need our support to identify the best solution for your requirements.

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