Conveyor Belts For The Glass Industry

Production of conveyor belts for the glass tempering

The plants in which are produced the glass objects have some of the most prohibitive operating conditions for any device, starting with the enormous heat required for the processing. The conveyor belts, fundamental for the sector of the glass industry, must therefore be able to carry out their functions without taking damage, even in situations where the temperatures are extreme such as the hardening of the slabs.

Conveyor belts for the glass industry

In the manufacturing of glass, so the hardest thing to manage is the extremely high temperatures. Also, without considering the necessary heat for the fusion—that for the glass is circa 1700 degree centigrade – we have to work anyway with temperatures that are circa 700 degrees centigrade.
To handle such conditions are preferred conveyor belts entirely realized in stainless steel for high temperatures, which offer the best performances for this sector. The wire mesh that composes the belt can be realized both in flat wire with an open opening, both in a not flat wire if the processing requires a belt with a closed opening; in both cases, to minimize the most concrete risk, that is the thermal deformation of the belt, it is preferred to realize linked edge conveyor belts, that is the configuration that has proved the most resistant to this type of damage.

Do you need three pieces of calendered wire mesh, cut to measure? A welded-edge curving bronze conveyor belt?
Here at Larioreti, your request becomes reality – both if you know exactly what you need, and if you need our support to identify the best solution for your requirements.

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