Conveyor Belts For Industrial Washing

Production of conveyor belts for the washing of mechanical parts and metal smallware

In all companies that produce metal objects, from industrial bearings to metal smallware, one of the final stages of the processing is that one that provides for the washing of the finished parts in order to prepare them for packaging and distribution. Considering the volume of work and the pace of today's marketplace, this procedure must be automated, and the transport of the pieces from the pickling bath along the washing tunnel requires the implementation of appropriate conveyor belts.

Conveyor belts for industrial washing

Considering the operating environment where are installed, the conveyor belts for industrial washing are more exposed to humidity and chemicals than other, e and so are more prone to the risk of oxidation. To guarantee the proper functioning, therefore, become essential that these belts are produced in stainless steel, which offers maximum guarantees of duration and resistance in such conditions.
Secondly, the requirements of industrial washing include that the metallic pieces subjected to washing are made drip-dry as quickly as possible – to avoid the possibility of water damage – and so dried with air jets properly directed. For this reason, the conveyor belts for industrial washing are preferred to use wire link conveyor belts, composed of braces linked together by connector rod; this configuration in fact has a very flat surface but at the same time characterized by very open openings (following the dimensions of the pieces that need to be washed), which allow a rapid drain of the residual water and an easy passage of the air used during the drying phase.

The technical measures are taken by Larioreti for Conveyor belts for industrial washing

In addition to the choice of the types of wire mesh and the most suitable materials (that can be certificated on request, and chosen in the most appropriate formulation in order to resist the particular chemical detergents used), Larioreti pays special attention to adopting the right technical measures to ensure an impeccable operation of the entire washing system. We can do this with the installation of appropriate side plates to keep from the fall of small parts, and also with lifters that make the advancement also with gradients easy. But the most important technical measure is the engineering of the drag. In fact, in this system, it is fundamental that the advancement of the conveyor belt is synchronized to the timing of the washing cycle and calibrated on the length of the tunnel, in a specific way for each different piece. This result is obtained with the sprockets drag system, which allows high precision in the movement with reduced maintenance costs.

Do you need three pieces of calendered wire mesh, cut to measure? A welded-edge curving bronze conveyor belt?
Here at Larioreti, your request becomes reality – both if you know exactly what you need, and if you need our support to identify the best solution for your requirements.

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