Conveyor Belts For Fresh And Dry Pasta

Production of conveyor belts for the processing of fresh and dry pasta.

The production of fresh and dry pasta includes large volumes of work, that require to be fully automated to maintain a competitive edge. Two, in particular, are the processing steps in which it is necessary to install, already at the exit of the cylinders for the drawing, conveyor belts for the handling of fresh and dry pasta:

  • The pasteurization, during which pasta is brought to high temperatures with steam jets in order to kill bacteria.
  • The drying; which consists of a simple drying for the fresh pasta and is instead a real passage in desiccators for the dry pasta; is needed to bring pasta to the proper humidity level for commercialization through a passage in a specific warm-air system.

The conveyor belts for pasteurizers and dryers of pasta

The first requirement of a conveyor belt for fresh and dry pasta is easy cleaning, one parameter that is crucial for all the conveyor belts used in the food industry. For this reason, the wire meshes of these conveyor belts are realized strictly in stainless steel, offering maximum guarantees concerning washing and simplifying disinfection. The steel wire used for the realization, on request, can be accompanied by the MOCA certification for food use or by the chemical analysis and by the certificates of conformity with desired specifications.
Secondly, especially in the field of the production of fresh pasta, the conveyor belt must be treated so that the product, still wet and so sticky, does not attack the wire mesh damaging itself. This is made possible through the treatment of Teflon coating, which makes the meshes non-stick and so enables solving the problem of the stickiness of pasta not yet dried.
A third problem to manage is product loss: in fact, depending on the format of pasta, which can be of different sizes, is required the application of wire meshes with a different opening, through which individual pieces can not fall. So, we will have conveyor belts with a very close opening for a small format of pasta, like trofie or pastina, whereas it will be more useful to use a classic opening for stuffed pasta, lasagna sheet, or tagliatelle.


The technical measures taken by Larioreti for the conveyor belt for fresh and dry pasta

In addition to the realization in stainless steel, the possibility of Teflon coating, and the wide range of wire mesh available for the conveyor belt, Larioreti includes further specifications so that the conveyor belt for pasta will be built tailored to the needs of each customer.
First, it is possible to install side plates to contain the single piece, or lifters to enable the product to overcome uphill sections. Other than that, the conveyor belt for pasta could be realized with or without a side chain, depending on the weight to handle and the required speed. Finally, for a low maintenance cost solution, it is possible to select our models of sprockets in spiral conveyor belts, in which a sprocket makes the drag by attaching itself to the wire mesh of the belt.

Do you need three pieces of calendered wire mesh, cut to measure? A welded-edge curving bronze conveyor belt?
Here at Larioreti, your request becomes reality – both if you know exactly what you need, and if you need our support to identify the best solution for your requirements.

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